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Natsuko Kuroda

Choreographer, Dancer

2009 University of Tsukuba, BA in School of Art and Design.

2008 Form IDAKURO (a duo with Asami Ida)

   Won a prefectural governor prize in Artistic Movement in Toyama.

2009 After graduating University of Tsukuba, IDAKURO have expanded its activity, carried out numerous independent performances, and received multiple awards: First Prize in Nextream21, Second Prize in Dance Creation Awards, etc. 

2012 First Prize in International festival of modern choreography in Vitebsk (Belorussiya). This Competition was found in 1987, and 2012 is its 25th anniversary.  40 teams from 25 countries including USA, France and Italia have participated in this international competition, which Vladimir Viktorovich Vasiliev, recognized dancer and choreographer for his work as a principal dancer and a director with the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia, took a role as chief juror.  

2013 published choreography work in Yamanari Art Festival as part of Setouchi Triennale Collaborative Project, 2016 Shibuya Awards, 2017 Nakanojo Biennale (collaborative work with SIVA) etc, 

2014~March 2016 participated as assistant and dancer with Hiroaki Umeda in Somatic Field Project.  

2016~ participate as choreographer in Dome screen projection image project with director Masashige Iida.  “Fermentation” and “AFTER CHERENKOV” have received First prize in international dome Festival, and was shown in the domes across the world.  

2017 participated as a speaker of TEDxTsukuba at JAXA

October 2018 published work and performed in Quinzena de Dança de Almada – International Dance Festival

2019~ collaborated with HandPan, Pianists and other music and video artists in multiple projects, emphasizing in development of next generation and exploring further potential of physical expression.

Natsuko Kuroda


2009年 筑波大学卒業。
2008年【IDAKURO (井田亜彩実・黒田なつ子のDUO)】結成。Artistic Movement in TOYAMA 富山県知事賞受賞。
梅田宏明のS20初作「1.centrifugal」 へ出演以来、様々な作品に出演してきた。

2009年筑波大学卒業後、IDAKUROが更に活動は精力的に数々の賞を獲得する。ネクストリーム21 優秀賞(1位) 受賞。Dance Creation Award 2位受賞他、自主公演等数多く活動してきた。


2013年 瀬戸内国際芸術祭連携事業山なみ芸術祭、2016年 渋谷芸術祭、2017年 中之条ビエンナーレ(SIVAとの共演)他、芸術祭などにも、振付した作品を出品してきた。

2014年から2016年3月迄、梅田宏明 のSomatic Field Project アシスタント、ダンサーとして活動。現在も、幅広いフィールドでの創造活動及び次世代の教育にも力を入れて活動の幅を広げている。

2016年以降、監督 飯田将茂 全天周映像作品の振付に携わる。「Fermentation」「AFTER CHERENKOV」が、国際ドームフェスにおいて最高賞を受賞する他、世界各国で上映された。

2017年 宇宙航空研究開発機構JAXA で行われた、TED×Tsukubaに登壇。他

2018年10月ポルトガル国際ダンスフェスティバル Quinzena de Dança de Almada
– International Dance Festival に作品出品、出演。他

2019年 Handpan、ピアニスト等音楽や映像のアーティストと共に様々なプロジェクトでコラボレーションを行う。

Nastuko Kuroda speak through her body. The theme is about the exploring of the possibility in human communication, it is a body speech that will present a question to you all. 

When you are exploring through physical expression, even the most ordinary thoughts and movements will be familiar to you because of their use in your everyday life. These may grow into something you have never seen before, breaking through stereotypical views and sensations that you have had a moment ago.

I feel that those expressions through physique have a potential to sympathize with others, even in the regions outside the reign of languages.

I wish for a peaceful world that all lives, including humans, coexist where difficult challenges are shared and faced together to be overcame.


Speech by Natsuko Kuroda’s Body ~ 身体(わたし)の声が聞こえますか?~






Natsuko Kuroda

photo by bozzo